Behind Every Menu There Is A Story And This Is Ours!!

The rotisserie method of cooking chicken, pork, beef and other foods has been in use since long before recorded history. During that time, food was threaded onto fairly straight small branches and then balanced between vertically placed branches or other supports. This allowed the food to rotate over an open fire for even cooking. This method results in moist, tender meat because the rotation allows it to self-baste. A vertical rotisserie, used to cook dönair kebabs (Gyro) and similar foods, is more modern and less commonly seen worldwide than the horizontal rotisserie.

As fixed fireplaces became widely used, rotisseries were specifically built to suit them. Eventually, built-in rotisseries were also included in some fireplace designs. Moreover, rotisseries have two operating designs, manual and electric. Manually operated rotisseries have been in use since ancient times. However, for electric rotisseries, it is uncertain when and where the first one was made as electrically operated rotisseries came about as electricity became available.

With these rotisserie methods in mind along with cherished family memories that go as far back as childhood, we decided to create Chicken Wild. This is a place where everyone can enjoy a great meal the old fashion way, with juicy rotisserie products, fresh vegetables, and traditional rice and potatoes dishes. Our family has been in the restaurant industry for three generations and we take great pride in continuing Grandma’s legacy with old fashion cooking recipes. My fondest memories as a child are the times when our family gathered together for special occasions and spent time around a rotisserie that was full of savory chicken, tender lamb and delicious pork. This meant enjoying a great meal amongst family and friends and appreciating each other’s valuable company.

We have posted some of our enjoyable and memorable times here. With our meals and ambiance, we’re certain that many of you will remember your own gratifying experiences around the rotisserie with your family. Lastly, we wanted to make Grandma happy by continuing her amazing legacy as a great cook and person. So here’s to you Grandma, you’ll always be in our hearts, remembered forever with our continuation of your great recipes and influence.

John Mihalos 

President of Chicken Wild Inc.